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Created in 1996, Sem-Partners has built its activity around arable crop seeds through the  representation and development of varieties from European genetics. Nowadays, it offers a complete range of cereal varieties (Wheat, barley, Triticale, Oat, Rye…), Protein peas (Peas and field beans), oleaginous (Rapes, Soybean), and green covers.
With its original functioning and its research and development staff, Sem-Partners offers to its breeder partners a technical evaluation of the French market. Then, with the main seeds multipliers, Sem-Partners is able to develop the new varieties all over France.

To find the best product positioning in France, Sem-Partners tests the new varieties and lines  in a wide private trial network, where all technical criterions are observed and assessed..  
After the agronomical evaluation, Sem-Partners suggests the varieties to the distributor‘s technical departments and official development institutes. The varieties which are not yet registered to the European catalogue can be submitted to the official trials for a French registration. Then Sem-Partners organizes the promotion of these varieties to the distributors as well as to the industrial transformers.  
Sem-Partners organizes the production of technical seeds with its french producing partners and assures the best product positioning with the commercialisation of technical seeds to its delegated producing establishments.  
With its marketing strategy and its strong advertising on varieties, Sem-Partners with the delegated producers coordinates the promotion for a better access to the new varieties for distributors and farmers.  
The breeder’s and Sem-Partners’ incomes are based on the sharing of the royalties collected by SICASOV (Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Agricole des Sélectionneurs Obtenteurs de Variétés Végétales) on the producers sales of certified seeds. GNIS (National Organisation for Seed) and SICASOV are the legal guarantors of the breeders’ rights on the varieties they commit to Sem-Partners.  
Sem-Partners strengh  
To confirm its notoriety among all the distribution actors, Sem-partners belongs a strong technical evaluation, a perfect marketing segment knowledge and a confirmed motivation for innovation. For its delegated producers of certified seeds (private producing companies or cooperatives), Sem-Partners establishes a narrow partnership and assumes all over France the variety development through instructions, informations and advertising actions. The respect of the breeders’ rights and transparency in all our actions contribute to create a trustworthy collaboration.  


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